Thank you for visiting the Murray State College website! Murray State College has a rich history in southern Oklahoma, and is proud to offer top-notch educational programs. With campuses in both Tishomingo and Ardmore, Oklahoma, Murray State College is ideally located to serve the needs of a variety of students. Our students are a vital part of the legacy and reputation Murray State College has built over the past 114 years and they will continue to shape the direction we are heading in the future.  I truly believe that we are better together than any one of us could ever be by ourselves. Murray offers a variety of opportunities to engage. From a wide variety of clubs and activities to athletics. From community service to cultural events, there is a place for you to belong at Murray. I encourage you to take the time to get involved and commit to gaining knowledge, making friends and connecting with others while you are here. Your network of friends and mentors are as valuable as the knowledge, skills, and experience you are sure to gain in you time as an Aggie. Life is lived in chapters and your time at Murray State will be a period of growth and exploration which will help define the direction you take over the next decade. We encourage you to push yourself to exceed your expectations, set high standards and meet the goals you have imagined for your future. The fundamental goal of faculty, administrators, and staff at our college is to help you realize the promise of your potential and prepare you to excel. I sincerely believe the foundation of knowledge and experience you create at Murray will help propel you to great things. Remember, from here, you can go anywhere! Once you’ve finished your tour of the Murray State College website, we’d love to meet you in person. If you would like more information about Murray State College and how you can enroll, contact our Outreach Office at 580-387-7136.


Dr. Tim Faltyn
President, Murray State College


Murray State has two campuses serving a 10-county service area. The College offers a Bachelor of Applied Technology in Gunsmithing; 26 associate degrees with 54 available options and 14 certificate opportunities.




Murray State College provides opportunities for student learning, personal growth, professional success and community enhancement.


Murray State College strives to be a vibrant and progressive student-centered community in which the pathways to success are varied, all are valued and education opportunities abound.



Board of Regents


The Murray State College Board of Regents is the official governing body of the College. The Board is composed of seven people appointed by the Oklahoma Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate. Each Regent serves a seven-year term.



Our commitment to excellence, innovation, transparency and collaboration drives us forward as we shape a brighter tomorrow for our institution and the individuals we serve.


Becky Henthorn

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Justin Cellum

Vice President of Business Affairs

Ginger Cothran

Vice President of Ardmore Campus


Kandy Rutledge

Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management


Jordyn Frazier

Assistant Vice President of External Affairs,
Executive Director of Murray State College Foundation

Robyn Peterson

Public Information Officer