Murray State College has announced that their new online college will be named Murray Online, as well as named a dean of online instruction.

Murray State College has been offering online programs for more than 20 years. In 2013, Murray State College became a quality matter campus to ensure best practices and support online students. The same year, business was the first online degree offered. The new Dean of Murray Online, Amy McCain, will further provide attention to the virtual needs of the online campus that currently offers 11 programs. Several new online degrees will be launched this year.

The online college will allow students to focus on their daily lives and careers while still attending a Quality Accredited College. One of the goals is to help students earn their degree and start to work or prepare for the next level of education.

“Murray’s online enrollment has grown so much in the last five years,” said Becky Henthorn, Murray State College Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. “We are at a pivotal point where we must invest in additional staff and resources in order to support the quality programs and student support, which has made Murray the choice for students across the past 100 years.”

It is a great opportunity for students in rural communities. It provides a college experience for students who are seeking quality and affordable education who cannot make it to either of Murray’s campuses. Murray State programs provide students easier access to distance education across state lines.

Much of the growth is due to supporting the students with recruitment and retention. Courses are offered to meet different needs, including multiple-week intersession courses to support opportunities to learn at a convenient pace. Some online programs have embedded certificates for career advancement and potential employability or career advancement early in their degree options.

Many of the skills developed as an online learner provide the student with the soft skills that can translate into a work environment, such as being self-motivated, self-disciplined, time management and communication skills, and of course technology skills.

“Our goal is to meet students where they are and get them where they want to be, educationally and professionally,” said Dr. Tim Faltyn, Murray State College president. “Murray Online will connect students to educational programs that will allow them to fulfill the promise of their potential.”

Murray Online will be an option to support students’ growth and ability to increase their income. Research shows that individuals who have obtained a degree earn significantly more than those who have not attended college. Online courses make earning a degree more attainable.