Murray State College rolled out the implementation of a phone and computer application developed by 911Cellular Technologies called “CampusShield” to increase safety across the entire campus.

“At our August All Employee Meeting, faculty and staff were trained on the use of the 911Cellular App,” said Justin Cellum, Murray State College Vice President of Business Affairs. “This solution reflects our commitment to the safety and well-being of our campus communities.”

CampusShield is used at several universities, hospitals and businesses throughout the country to help keep employees, students, customers, etc., safe in the event of an emergency situation. Students will be provided training during a series of videos and one-on-one training in student success courses.

911Cellular bridges communication gaps by building lifesaving technology that connects first responders and administrators with their community members. 911Cellular’s CampusShield is a software that receives emergency alerts through push notifications.

“This app provides our students, faculty and staff instant access to our security and emergency response team,” said Dr. Tim Faltyn, Murray State College President. “This will help us all in our efforts to respond to emergency or crisis situations, creating safer campuses.”