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Criminal Justice

The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice is ideal for those interested in gaining a foundational knowledge of the criminal justice system, its major subsystems, and its relation to each level of government in order to pursue positions in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, juvenile offender programs, social advocacy and social justice, government agencies, or private security. Additionally, many of the courses offered can be used to meet continuing education requirements for law enforcement and related fields.

Students are exposed to theories that define deviance and its impact on the laws and policies aimed at its control, explore problems facing the criminal justice system, and develop an understanding of American philosophies of punishment within the social structure. With highly trained, qualified faculty who have extensive real-world experience and expertise, students acquire an understanding of individual rights, the US Constitutional provisions applicable to the criminal justice system, crime data collection methods,
and criminal procedure and due process.

Coursework utilizes research in criminal justice areas and provides students with the opportunity to gain relevant job skills like analysis, synthesis of information and ideas, and excellent written and oral communication.


The history emphasis explores topics in American history, Oklahoma state history, and world civilization, looking to the past to find the connections to today, and the lessons our ancestors learned that can be applied to current challenges.

Associate of Science

Criminal Justice


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