Murray State College's Associate of Science Degree in Elementary Education provides foundational coursework equivalent to the initial two years of a bachelor's degree. Tailored for aspiring elementary school teachers, the program ensures a smooth transition to four-year institutions. Students receive guidance from academic advisors and can choose electives aligned with their intended transfer destination.


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Murray State College’s associate degrees in childhood development offer an educational and practical foundation for students interested in working with children from infancy through adolescence. The Associate of Science in  Elementary Education prepares students to work in early childhood programs and institutions and is designed for transfer to a four-year institution, if desired. 

In addition to theoretical principles, the curriculum offers practical skills, hands-on learning experiences, and utilizes the actual working environment to promote knowledge gained in each course. With curriculum designed to adhere to 4 year institutional standards, the demand for graduates of this program continues to increase as the need for quality elementary education becomes one of the most important concerns of our nation.

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This program is fully online and can be completed from anywhere that has wifi!

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