Immerse yourself in a dynamic curriculum, guided by experienced faculty, and hone your skills in painting, sculpture, and digital art. With cutting-edge facilities and a supportive community, our program prepares you for success in the competitive art world. Unleash your creativity, build a strong portfolio, and embark on a fulfilling career in the fine arts with Murray State College. Elevate your artistry today.


The art degree program provides students with opportunities to develop creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. It also allows students to practice giving and receiving constructive criticism. An art degree can cover a wide variety of skills and mediums, from painting to graphic design. Art degrees are not limited to freelance careers. Students who obtain this degree can move on to work in museums or as college professors. Some even pursue careers in psychology (for example, Art Therapist). Art in itself is a wide range umbrella for different careers. The Art Department offers a foundational course in drawing, design, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking to name a few. The art degree also includes required interdisciplinary and art electives. Students may take graphic design, animation, photography or video courses, or electives such as sculpture, ceramics, or painting to complete their degree. Students are able to tailor their electives to meet their interests, field of study, or choose additional courses of their area of concentration for the later future if they want to continue to receive a master’s/doctorate degree.







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