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Of Fox, OK

Majoring in Pre-PTA
Student Government Association Media Relations Officer

I chose Murray State College because of the small size and how comfortable that made me feel. All of the bigger schools seemed intimidating to me and I did not want to spend the next few years of my life being overwhelmed with enormous sized campuses or overcrowded classrooms. For being such a small school Murray offers so many degree choices and when I realized that they had a Physical Therapy Assistant program I was on board. Because Murray is the perfect size and has the ability to make me successful in my degree of choice I cannot help but to think that this is the right choice for me.

Advice for Future Students: Always at least try. You'll never know what could come out of it if you do. Try on your homework, try being social, and try getting involved!

Leads Tours: Wednesday Mornings

Of Coalgate, OK

Majoring in Nursing
Member of the Oklahoma Nursing Student Association and Mother of 3

I chose Murray State College because of their excellent accredited nursing program and it was extremely convenient for me get my RN license. The campus is not over crowded, and the professors are amazing and treat you like family.

Advice for Future Students: know how to have fun and enjoy your first few semesters but don’t go overboard with it. Listen to your parents, it’s highly likely that they know what they are talking about. Always ask for help! No question is a stupid question! Oh, and do consider using study groups in your classes, it will make achieving your goals a whole lot easier.

 Leads Tours: Friday Afternoons

Of Kenefic, OK

Majoring in Business

As someone who graduated from a small school in a class of 16 people, I didn't want to go far from home to attend a huge university. Looking through my college options, I found that Murray State College was the perfect fit as it was small, close, and affordable. After I had toured the campus for the first time back in 2016, I knew that Murray was the place for me. Now that I have already attended Murray for a full year, I can say that my gut instinct was correct in its choosing. I have made wonderful friends and have worked with some awesome people, so I look forward to enjoying another year here.

Advice for Future Students:If you have any nagging worries or questions you want to ask, please do not keep them to yourself and ask! Everyone is nice and it's our job to help out! So don't keep that unnecessary stress to yourself.

Leads Tours: Thursday Lunch 


Of Sherman, TX

Majoring in Pre-OTA
MSCLC Scholar

I choose Murray State College for the small campus size and the wonderful therapy program. I came from a pretty large school, and wanted to move into a college that was smaller and to a place that felt more like home and Murray offered that.

Advice for students: “Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined.”

Leads Tours: Tuesday Afternoons


Of Thackerville, OK 

Majoring in Science, Pre-Medicine
Proud to Serve in the United States Army Reserves

I chose Murray Sate because I wanted to remain close to home until I was used to college. Murray State made school very affordable, and I liked the small classroom settings. The instructors are also able to communicate more with the students because of the classroom sizes, so whenever I have problems they are approachable, kind, and helpful! 

My advice for future students is to not procrastinate. Stay ahead of the game. Your education is much more important than many people in the world see it as. Your education is knowledge and the knowledge you take away from your education is power. Essentially, take pride in doing the best you can possibly do. I promise it will bring a smile to your face and you as well as your family will be proud of what you accomplish!

Leads Tours: Wednesday Mornings


Of Lone Grove, OK

(Originally from Halcomb, KS)

Majoring in Business 
MSCLC Scholar

When I graduated I decided to further my education at MSC because it was an affordable way for me to get my basics done before I decided the direction I was wanting to take for a career. Also it kept me close to my family for another two years. I am a very friendly and big hearted person that loves to help others and spread joy through a smile!

My advice to future students is to never stress. People always say you have to figure out what you want in life as soon as you graduate, but I don't believe that is true. College is a place for you to try new things and explore your options for the future. If it takes changing your major three or four times to discover your likes and dislikes, then do it! And lastly, be the best that you can be!

Leads Pre-Scheduled Tours on the Ardmore Campus

Elizabeth "Libby"

Of Pauls Valley, OK

Majoring in Arts & Science

Outreach Student Worker

I chose MSC because of the smaller campus size and proximity to home. The thought of going straight into a different town with a huge campus can be scary, so when I came and toured Murray it just felt right. I felt right at home from the start! The campus isn't intimidating and the instructors and staff are super helpful too!  I can promise that your time here at MSC will be memorable!

Advice for Future Students: Get involved! Don’t be afraid to venture out and get out of your comfort zone. MSC has many clubs and student life activities to get involved in. Being involved is a great way to make friends!

Leads Tours: Thursday Afternoons

Of Kingston, OK

Majoring in Arts and Sciences

I chose to attend MSC because it has not only the small campus that I was looking for, but the feeling of a community atmosphere. The smaller campus size allows students to find lasting friendships and be able to communicate with their teachers easier than they would at a larger university. I knew instantly that I would be comfortable beginning college at MSC.

Advice for future students: Always stay true to who you are, but never be afraid of change that would bring happiness. College is the place to discover your own personal attributes, and also the place where change is never frowned upon. Follow your dreams with an open mind.

Leads Tours: Wednesday Afternoons

Of Wapanucka, OK

Majoring in Arts and Sciences

MSCLC Scholar

Leads Tours: Monday Afternoons

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