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To join our 2017-2018 team please complete the following application:

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Of Stratford, OK

Majoring in Agriculture as a foundation for Ag. Communications
Outreach Student Worker and a member of CFFA

I came to MSC with a plan that I kept changing. MSC kept me on track with transferable classes so I didn’t lose time as I searched for the perfect major. Since becoming a student last fall, I am on my 6th major choice and I've finally found the perfect one! With the help of the amazing faculty, I have made many contacts, received experience in my new field and now am sure that I have chosen the career that is perfect for me! As always, Once an Aggie, Always an Aggie!!  

 Advice for Future Students: Just because you moved here with friends from high school, don't hesitate to make new ones! You meet your lifelong friends in college!

 Leads Tours: Wednesday Afternoons

Of Milburn, OK

Majoring in Veterinary Technology
Outreach Student Worker and a member of MSCLC, PTK and Collegiate FFA

I chose MSC when I took concurrent classes in high school. I knew I wanted MSC, but did not know I wanted to be a veterinary technician until my Senior year. After meeting Mrs. Debbie Reed and the other great ladies in the Vet Tech Program I knew this was not only the place, but the major for me. I love that MSC is the perfect stepping stone for anyone and that the administration and instructors are always willing to help. 

Advice for Future Students: It all starts with a change, and sometimes you have to be the one to make it! Dr. Seuss said it best in The Lorax: "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." 

Leads Tours: Tuesday Mornings

Of Kenefic, OK

Majoring in Arts & Sciences
A Member of ... (just started but planning to get involved as soon as possible!)

I chose MSC because it is a beautiful campus where everyone is friendly and helpful. MSC also has such a wide variety of courses that it offers everything I need to start towards my career path and so much more that I am looking forward to experiencing! From the moment I chose to attend, I knew I made the right choice of a school that will help me close one chapter of my life and open a new one to adulthood.

Advice for Future Students: Don't be afraid to ask for help! At MSC everyone's main purpose it to help you, so go ahead and ask! 

Leads Tours: Monday Afternoons


Of Silo, OK

Majoring in Agriculture as a foundation for Agricultural Leadership
A Member of the Collegiate FFA and works on his family farm

I chose MSC for the small campus and ability to stay close to home. In a small setting like Murray, the friends you make eventually evoke a feeling of family. The class size is smaller than your "average" higher level institution and the professors are very down to earth with you.

Advice for Future Students: Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone here at Murray State. We are a small campus with many opportunities and lots of ways to meet new people! 

Leads Tours: Wednesday Afternoons


Of Wynnewood, OK

(Originally from Phoenix, AZ)

Majoring in Business
A Member of PBL, participates in the BCM and is Proud to Serve in the Army National Guard

I chose Murray State College because I'm not your average student and this campus fits me.  Murray has a small campus and I can get the help I need to strive and be the best I can be in and out of the classroom. I never thought I would want to go to college, but now I am extremely glad I did! #ARMYSTRONG

Advice for Future Students: Don't be scared to get outside your box and get involved. There's no better place to be then the HOME OF THE AGGIES!

Leads Tours: Thursday Afternoons


Of Durant, OK

Majoring in Agriculture Education 
Member of CFFA and the Livestock Judging Team

I have always been active in FFA and agriculture education, so I decided to attend Murray State College to be on the livestock judging team. This is my second year as an active member of the livestock judging team. I love being a part of the Agriculture department here at MSC and am looking forward to being an Aggie Ambassador as well this year. 

Advice for Future Students: My best advice is to stay on top of your homework, but take time to enjoy the social aspect of college. Get out of your comfort zone and make freshman year a year to remember!

Leads Tours: Wednesday Mornings

Elizabeth "Libby"

Of Pauls Valley, OK

Majoring in Veterinary Technology

A Member of ... (just started but planning to get involved as soon as possible!)

I chose MSC because of the smaller campus size and proximity to home. The thought of going straight into a different town with a huge campus can be scary, so when I came and toured Murray it just felt right. I felt right at home from the start! The campus isn't intimidating and the instructors and staff are super helpful too!  I can promise that your time here at MSC will be memorable and if you're worried about making friends, don't, you've already made a friend in me!!

Advice for Future Students: Get involved! MSC has so many clubs and organizations to join. Once you get involved you will make new friends to help you through this scary but exciting part of your life. Go Aggies!!! 

Leads Tours: Monday Afternoons

Joseph "Joe"
Of Madill, OK

Majoring in Arts and Sciences
A Member of ... (just started but planning to get involved as soon as possible!)

I chose MSC because of the compact arrangement of campus and friendly atmosphere. MSC is also very affordable and that was something that I looked for.

Advice for Future Students:  You can do anything you put your mind to!

Leads Tours: Tuesday Mornings

Madison "Madi"

Of Lamont, OK

Majoring in Ag Communications 
Member of CFFA and the Livestock Judging Team

I needed a fresh start for this new chapter of my life and Murray state college was just far enough to where I could be me and escape from the small town gossip. I also was offered a livestock judging scholarship and I couldn't turn it down.

Advice for Future Students: Don't skip'll regret it come midterms!

Leads Tours: Tuesday Afternoons


Of Tishomingo, OK

Majoring in Psychology
President of PTK, serves as the Vice President of the Student Government Association and full-time father of four.

I find it difficult to put into words all the reasons why I chose to attend MSC. Murray offers a variety of opportunities for continued education and personal growth. I am 35 years old, making me a nontraditional college student, and I can say from personal experience that nothing hits as hard as life. I have found that the best key to success is to continue your education and challenge yourself daily. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: "the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." One can find all of this and much more at MSC! Murray has a friendly, helpful staff and excellent instructors who offer a broad range of knowledge. They pass this knowledge down in an incredible and exciting way, so every student learns to the best of their ability. The small class size provides students and instructors with the ability to engage in a relationship of learning that may not be found at a larger school. MSC's small size also offers student the chance to embrace college life while preparing them to move on to a 4-year University. I personally chose MSC for all of these reasons plus the perk of being close to home.

Advice to Incoming Students: Take advantage of every opportunity you can while attending MSC. Involve yourself in everything you get a chance to and try to challenge yourself daily. As Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the greatest weapon which you can use to change the world."

Leads Tours: Friday Afternoons


Of Mesquite, TX

Majoring in Business 
Plays 1st Base on the MSC Softball Team

I originally came to MSC because I was awarded a softball scholarship and have always had a passion for the sport. Little did I know at the time, MSC was the best choice for me! I love the small-town environment and the at home feel campus gives. I realized that I could have easily became overwhelmed with the large environment of a major university and had a tougher time with such a major transition. Here I have really had the opportunity to excel and become stronger in both academics and athletics. I know now that starting at a small college was the best option for me and I couldn't have made a better choice than the one fate handed me!

Advice for Future Students: Don't think that as a scholarship athlete you can not get involved in other aspects of college. Take advantage of all you can to make your college career the best you doesn't last forever!

Leads Tours: Thursday Mornings


Of Kingston, OK
(Originally from Denton, TX)

Majoring in Business
If not in class or with the Ambassadors he is working at Computer Bytes to pay for his education

I was in the 6th grade when I moved to Kingston America and told myself there was no way I wanted to go to college. Then my senior class came to a Senior Day at MSC and met Caroline Nenninger who convinced me to give college a try. I chose Computer Science, then switched to Business and am still considering a change. The reason I like and chose Murray is because it is a small campus and when you need to talk to someone they know you by your name almost faster than you can learn theirs. 

Advice to Incoming Students: College isn't what it looks like on TV. 

Leads Tours: Friday Afternoons

To join our 2017-2018 team please complete the following application:

Aggie Ambassador Application CLICK HERE

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