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Students should consider all of the costs associated with attending college.  Costs are either direct or indirect costs.  Direct costs are those paid directly to Murray State College such as tuition and fees, on campus room and board, and books and supplies purchased at the MSC bookstore.  Indirect costs will vary from student to student and include costs such as transportation, off campus room and board, medical, clothing, personal items, etc.

An estimate of the average costs for an Oklahoma resident, full-time student living on campus for the 2016-2017 school year (fall and spring) are as follows:

In State Tuition and Fees $4,116.00
Books and Supplies $1,726.00
On Campus Room and Board $6,800.00
Transportation $1,520.00
Misc./Personal $1,800.00
Total $15,034.00

Non-resident students may substitute $8,708.00 for the Tuition and Fees.  Students living off campus may substitute $11,674.00 for room and board and $2,760.00 for transportation.  Students living at home with parents may substitute $3,550.00 for room and board and $2,760.00 for transportation.  The costs for tuition, fees, books, and supplies are pro-rated for less than full-time enrollment.  The current resident tuition charge per credit hour is $116.00.  The current non-resident tuition charge per credit hour is $301.00.  These charges are slightly higher for students attending off campus or at the MSC Ardmore Campus.  Internet courses also are charged at a different rate.  On campus fees are $39.00 per credit hour.  Additional course fees may apply depending on student’s enrollment.  Refer to the tuition and fee charts provided on the consumer information tab of the MSC webpage for current, detailed information on charges.  These charges are subject to increase.

The Financial Aid Office uses an average cost of attendance budget to determine the total amount of financial aid that students may receive.  Students may submit documentation and a completed Unusual Circumstance Form if they have higher costs than those in our average budgets.  Some examples of added costs are:

  1. Students majoring in nursing may have uniform costs and extra fees for the nursing classes.
  2. Gunsmithing students may have added tools and equipment costs.
  3. Students may have the cost of a computer or daycare costs.
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