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Student Testing Center Information

  • Please make your testing center appointment in advance to ensure appropriate staffing.  Appointments can be made by; phone, e-mail, in-person, or by completing the online student appointment form.
  • Be prepared to show a valid MSC ID or other government-issued photo ID prior to each testing session.
  • Be prepared to provide course information (instructor name, course name, exam number, etc.)
  • Bring all materials necessary for your testing session (pencil, calculator, Scantron, etc.)
  • All electronic devices will need to be checked in with the Testing Center Coordinator prior to testing.
  • All tests will be closed book and closed notes, unless otherwise specified on the instructor request form.
  • You are allowed only one attempt at the test unless the instructor has notified the testing coordinator otherwise.   Multiple attempts are listed as a safeguard in case the electricity goes off we can get you back into the test to complete.

Test Taking Tips

  • Make sure you are well rested!  Getting enough sleep maximizes your memory recall.
  • Eat something prior to testing.  Good choices are; apples, almonds, granola bars.
  • Allow yourself enough time when scheduling your testing center appointment.  
  • Schedule your test early to allow for any unexpected schedule changes that may arise.  
  • Be prepared!  
  • Relax and stay calm.  Take a deep breath and have confidence in yourself!

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