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This online platform is designed to transform the Internet into a powerful environment for the educational experience. If you are enrolled in a web based course, also called an online or Internet course, the following information will help you get started.

Web based (Blackboard) courses follow the same schedule as regular courses.

The first day of classes (web based or otherwise) follow the same start dates.

All students enrolled in web based courses must use their Murray State College email account.

Obtain an Murray State College email account by accessing the MSC website at, scroll near the bottom center of the page, click on Student Email, and follow instructions.

Contact your online instructor(s) before the first day of classes.

Using your MSC email account, email your instructor and notify them you are enrolled in the class.  Instructor contact information is located in the class schedule catalog or click Faculty Support Staff for the information.

Some Web based (Blackboard) courses require proctored tests.

Proctor testing means that the instructor will require the student to either be on campus to be tested or require a proctor at the student's site to oversee the exam.   Contact your online instructor for instructions regarding proctored testing.

Blackboard Log in.

Access the MSC website at, and click BLACKBOARD link at the top of the page.  Next, click on the log in icon on the Blackboard Learning System page.  Read the instructions and log in using your username and password. Your username & password are the same ones you use to logon to the computers at MSC.

Access Your Online Course.

Once you logon to Blackboard, you can access your course(s) by clicking My Courses.   To the left of the blue box, click on Course Information, Course Documents, Assignments, Exams, Grade Book, Textbook Website, etc. to view all of the course information.

Print the syllabus.

The syllabus will have all the information you need in order to begin your course work in your online course.  It will also have contact information for your instructor and will include information on textbooks or other supplies that may be needed.  You may be instructed to email certain information to your instructor and/or you may be provided with links to other websites you will use for the course.

Logon questions or problems call:
Information Technology Department

Distance Learning
580-387-7113 or 7114

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