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Technical Support


As an online learner you need to know what type technology equipment is required, and what computer skills you are expected to possess. This is why the Technical Support section is so important. You may need to develop skills in:
  • word processing
  • presentations
  • web page development packages
You may also need to enhance your proficiencies in the use of:
  • web browsers
  • email software
  • search engines
Not all online courses will require all of these skills. In most cases, these skills are easy to learn. Since technology equipment and computer skills are necessary elements needed in an online course, the Technical Support section includes a mandatory completion form that must be filled out, signed and forwarded to the Distance Learning Coordinator before enrollment into an online course can be finalized. This form states that you have completed the Technical Support portion of the Online Orientation and understand each topic section.

Technical Support will cover:
  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Usernames & Passwords
  3. Email & Attachments
  4. Hardware & Software Requirements
  5. Browser/Internet Service Providers
  6. Discussion Boards
  7. Blackboard At A Glance
  9. Finish Line
  10. Completion Form

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