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My name is Jeana West. I am the Division Chair for the Language Arts Department. The courses I teach include transitional reading and writing, English composition, and Introduction to Literature. Like many of you, I am a first generation college student. I graduated from Milburn, attended MSC for two years, and transferred to SOSU where I received my BA in English with minors in psychology and sociology and my MA in English Education.  My husband and I have two grown children. We live outside Milburn with our eclectic collection of livestock including cows, horses, donkeys, mini goats, 2 potbellied pigs, and a llama as well as a whole houseful of cats and dogs.  My hobbies include playing word games, reading, and locating the props and costumes for the MSC theater productions.

The goal of the language arts curriculum is to develop in you effective written communication skills that will serve you in both your college experience and your future career.  The desire of the language arts faculty is to help you become a competent, confident communicator in whatever goals you pursue.  Let us help you do that.


Greetings and Welcome!

 My name is Dr. Yoon Sik Kim, a Ph. D. in English, specializing in Modern American Poetry in general, and on Ezra Pound, in particular.  I earned my Master's from the University of Oklahoma and my Ph. D. from Oklahoma State University.  I have taught for over thirty(35) years at the college-level, albeit at four-year institutions mostly, and I worked as an administrator for several years, as well, the last one being Dean of Assessment and Accreditation at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, AR. I have published more than twenty times in the New York Quarterly and published my first book in 2013  (Here is the url: and I am currently working on my second one.  An internationally known writer, I have also been interviewed by the Toronto Quarterly in Canada ( 

 I am passionate about my teaching and student engagement as I, throughout my career, have been engrossed with institutional and instructional effectiveness--to help our students graduate on time.  To keep me in shape, I run six miles every day.  As an ole hand in beekeeping, I am also concerned with environmental stewardship, in general, and saving, rescuing, and doing researches on the endangered honeybees in the world (  As your mentor/coach during this semester, I will help you and your writing in any way I can so that you can successfully complete this course by becoming a better writer. 

 Very Respectfully,

 Dr. Kim

   I teach transitional reading and writing courses within the Language Arts Department.   Prior to coming to Murray State College, I taught for ten years at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.  I received my B.A. in  Business Communication from the University of Kansas and my M.S. in Adult and Extension Education from Texas A&M University.  I have also completed thirty graduate hours in Curriculum and Instructional Design at Kansas State University.

My primary educational interests are in the field of transitional education pedagogy and theory. Specifically, I am interested in ways to streamline the transitional education process and improve retention and graduation rates of transitional students.

I reside with my family in Milburn, Oklahoma. In my free time, I help my parents on their cattle ranch, practice beekeeping, and enjoy traveling to state and national parks throughout the country.

Christy Green

Marvin Leeper-ENG 1113/1213/Folklore

Aaron Beshears-ENG 1113/1213/0213/Brit Lit

Adjunct Faculty

Charlotte Estep-ENG 1113/1213

Shan Clark-Tutor, ENG 0214/1113/1213

Sharon Burris

I have taught in the Language Arts Department for more than a decade and have two master's degrees, one from the University of Oklahoma/Norman and the other from the University of Central Oklahoma/Edmond. I also have participated in several graduate programs netting additional hour-credits, including the Oklahoma Writing Project and two classes through the OU Summer in Santa Fe program. This must prove what I strongly believe--once a student, always a student! Besides attending writing and educational conferences, I also am a writing tutor on the Ardmore campus and love meeting and working with students!

Among the classes I teach are freshman composition, creative writing, Native American literature, British literature survey (two classes), and science fiction literature.

Besides serving as faculty sponsor for TRIBAL, the Ardmore-campus Native American student organization, I organize and digitally publish the annual Language Arts Dept.'s creative writing anthology, plus I created and oversee the Oklahoma Writers Program, which brings nationally and internationally recognized Oklahoma authors to Murray and the local community. I also am currently active in the Global Education Committee and other faculty organizations.

My favorite pastimes include creative writing, especially poetry and novels, and I have served as a judge for numerous regional and state poetry, essay, and writing contests. I also enjoy photography, winning awards in state and regional art shows for my composite photographs, and I love nature studies, which are often incorporated into my artwork.

My husband Alan, also an MSC instructor and head of the Art Department, and I have lived on a pecan farm in Ardmore since 1984 with numerous dogs and cats that have adopted us.

Assoc. Prof. Sharon Burris
Language Arts Dept.

John Caldwell-ENG 1113/1213

Cindy Dickerson-ENG 1113/1213

Tammy Edwards-ENG 1113/1213

Jennifer Lassahn-ENG 0114/0214

Patricia Lee-ENG 1113/1213

 Heather Goggans-ENG 1113/1213 online

Gage Jeter-ENG 1113/1213 online

I am the English language arts (ELA) curriculum specialist at the K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal at the University of Oklahoma, but I formerly taught middle school ELA at Deer Creek in Edmond for five years (2014 site teacher of the year). Now, I teach college composition and education courses at Murray State College and the University of Central Oklahoma, respectively. I graduated from OU with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and also earned a Master’s degree in Secondary Education from UCO. Currently, I’m pursuing a PhD in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum at OU. I love reading and writing for pleasure, traveling, attending concerts, and cheering on OU and the Thunder.

Tiara Blue-ENG 1113/1213 online

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