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Getting Started And Documents Needed


The following "Action Steps" are needed prior to a student being admitted for concurrent enrollment with Murray State College.  

  • Fill out an online application with Murray State College.  It is important to take your time and fill out the application with all correct information several days prior to enrolling.  
  • Visit with your high school counselor to determine how taking collegiate courses will fit into your high school schedule.  
  • Complete ALL forms in the Concurrent Enrollment Packet with all requested signatures. 2019-2020 Concurrent Student Packet (click here to open)
  • Submit a copy of your ACT scores.
  • Submit a copy of your current high school transcript.
  • Submit a copy of your immunization records if they are not recorded on your high school transcript.
*Please remember that the Concurrent Enrollment Packet and high school transcript must be submitted EVERY semester when enrolling.  

Murray State College Provides Opportunities for
Student Learning, Personal Growth, Professional Success, and Community Enhancement.