Tine Randrup-Thomsen signs with Colorado Mesa


Tine Randrup-ThomsenMurray State College freshman Tine Randrup-Thomsen has signed on to play college basketball at the next level. Randrup-Thomsen has signed to play with Colorado Mesa University, an NCAA Division II program in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. She heads to Grand Junction, Colorado to play for Head Coach Taylor Wagner and the Mavericks in the fall.

“Tine is a very skilled player,” says Coach Wagner. “She sees the floor well and can shoot from outside. We love the fact we will have her for three years. She will fit in nicely with our style of play.”

Randrup-Thomsen signs as a freshman, after spending one year under MSC Head Coach Justin Cellum. She says Cellum helped her to gain more confidence in her game, even when she was struggling on the court. “By the end of the season I was struggling with my shooting and he asked me ‘Have I told you to stop shooting? No. Then keep shooting – I believe in you!’ Even though I would do something bad on the court, Coach Cellum still had faith in me, which made me a much more confidant player.”

In Randrup-Thomsen, Cellum says Colorado Mesa is getting more than just a player. The team is getting a leader.

“Tine did a great job this season of taking the reins on the basketball floor and leading our team,” says Cellum. “Coaches love coaching players like Tine because she brings so much passion and love for the game. I'm very confident she will bring that same energy and passion to Colorado Mesa.”

Randrup-Thomsen says she was impressed with the coaching staff and the program at Colorado Mesa. She says Coach Wagner know how to motivate his players.

“He plays to win a national championship,” says Randrup-Thomsen. “The mentality on the team is to get better every day and not to settle. I think very highly of his coaching abilities, mindset, motivation, and ambitions.”

Randrup-Thomsen came to Tishomingo from Denmark. She says moving to another part of the country will be like starting over socially for her when it comes to making new friends, but she has already felt a connection with her teammates.

“When I visited Colorado Mesa, the atmosphere at the campus was really amazing,” she says. “I liked the size of the school, not too big and not too small, and the fact that all the facilities are brand new. However, the most important thing for me is how well the girls get along on the team. I instantly clicked with the girls and could easily see myself attend Colorado Mesa.”

Coach Wagner says he expects Randrup-Thomsen to fit in with the team on the court as well. He calls her a great teammate, who is engaged and encouraging to the other players whether she is playing or on the bench. He says he’s looking forward to seeing her develop as a player.

“With Tine in the lineup we expect to add another shooter on the floor. She will fit in with our offense very well,” he says. “She has a high basketball IQ and that will help her pick up things quickly. She will also add another player that can handle the ball and make our team better at passing. As she develops we think she can be a big part of our team defense.”

Cellum agrees. “Tine is really the ideal player in the conference CMU plays in. She possesses great size at the guard position and can really shoot the basketball.”

Randrup-Thomsen says she is looking forward to the challenge of playing at the next level. “I love getting pushed during practice and I want to improve my game.”

She is the daughter of Pernille and Henning Randrup-Thomsen of Aarhus, Denmark. She says her parents, and her older brother Mathias, have all been very supportive of her decision to sign with Colorado Mesa. She says they are proud of her. A feeling the family must be used to by now. Randrup-Thomsen has earned several honors in Denmark. She played on the Danish National Team from 2009-2012, earning Most Valuable Player in two games. She was a member of the Senior Team in Aabyhøj from 2011-2014, finished second at the High School World Championships in China in 2011, played in the All-Star game in Dameligaen in 2011, won the Youth Danish Championship three times (named MVP in 2012), and won the Youth Nordic Championship three times.

l-r (back row) Women's Head Basketball Coach Justin Cellum, President Joy McDaniel, Phil Daniel (front row) Tine Randrup-Thomsen, Tierani Richardson“I can still play basketball when I am in Denmark. So I am planning on coming home to my old club, Aabyhøj, and the goal is to win the Danish championship with the senior team.”

At Colorado Mesa, she will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Upon graduation, she plans to either pursue a master’s degree, or study physical therapy.

She says she will miss the people at MSC who helped her through her first year in the States.

“Even though I have only been here one year, I have made some really good friendships, and it will be really hard to have to say goodbye.”

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