Student-Athletes Help Elementary Students Prepare for State Testing


For Oklahoma elementary students, Core Curriculum tests can be a scary thing. Student-athletes from Murray State College spent time with some of those young students in Tishomingo leading up to the big testing day. Cade Carter, Jacob Martinez, and Colt Wooley visited the school to try to help ease the anxiety and help the students prepare for the tests.

“We sent all of our red-shirts to help out,” says Head Baseball Coach Zach Crabtree. “They’ve been going every Wednesday since the beginning of November. They were there to tutor in reading, writing and math…basically just trying to help them get ready for the state tests.”

The young students seemed to appreciate the help, too. The young men were thanked in the local paper next to a picture of them. The MSC enjoyed it as well.

“The guys had a great time,” says Crabtree. “And the elementary school enjoyed having them. It’s just a little bit of community service for our players.”

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