Murray State College to Celebrate Harvest Moon Festival in Ardmore on September 24, 2018


For the second year, Murray State College will celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival, a Chinese ceremony dating back 3,600 years.  This festival focuses on sharing, giving thanks and offering prayers for babies, family and a good future.  The celebration will begin at 6:30 p.m. on September 24, 2018, at the University Center of Southern Oklahoma (UCSO) in Ardmore. Children are welcome and encouraged to attend, and there is no charge for this event.

In 2006, mainland China recognized the Harvest Moon Festival as an intangible cultural heritage. Because of China's strong influence, the Harvest Moon continues to be celebrated by many Asian cultures. During the festival, people gather to remember and talk about family, especially family living far away or those not currently living.

The celebration at Murray State College is sponsored by the Cultural Events Committee and takes place the same day the rest of the world participates in the festival. The MSC celebration will include paper lanterns, an assortment of mooncakes, pomelos, and a variety of teas from China and other Asian countries to recreate the cultural significance of the event.

“Community members are encouraged celebrate along with our faculty, staff and students.  There will be stories shared and we encourage everyone, especially our international students and community members, to come and talk about family, friends and homelands.  It’s a special evening,” said MSC President Joy McDaniel.

For information, contact Kathy Bowen, or 580-387-7451/580-319-0310.


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